Learn how your child can acquire a place at Queensgate College

Learners arrive at Queensgate College through many different routes throughout the school year. The admissions process in an alternative provision context has to be flexible to accommodate the varying circumstances young people outside of mainstream education find themselves in. The majorities of learners are referred directly by mainstream schools, PRUs and academies and remain on the role of the commissioning organisation. This is usually following a number of fixed term exclusions, at risk of permanent exclusion, new to the country and new to the borough.

Queensgate College and commissioning organisation work closely together to ensure the best outcomes for individual learners. Referral/ integration arrangements are designed to encourage incoming learners to settle into the school confidently and quickly and to ensure their needs are identified and comprehensively met from the outset.

The Referral Process

These are the steps taken for admission and the requirements needed

To acquire a place at Queensgate College, students in KS3 and KS4 have to be referred by an educational establishment or local authority (commissioners). The school’s Director Patricia Shodimu manages the referral process. Commissioner makes formal contact with Queensgate College, through a referral form, an interview for prospective pupils and an appropriate adult, normally a parent/carer is arranged. Referrals for individual support will only be accepted using the official referral form and must be with the full consent of parents or carers.

Commissioners should identify the areas that are causing concern and complete the referral form with contact details, parental information, details on FSM, reasons for referral of student, attendance at previous school, previous interventions, external agency involvement, previous areas of study and current levels and risk assessment.

Queensgate College cannot accept applications from parents.

Queensgate College charges a top-up fee of £13,000 per pupil, per academic year.