In order to maximise the life chances of all of our students, we have designed a curriculum that is responsive and flexible.

Queensgate College aims to offer bespoke learning experiences for each student in its care, promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values across its curriculum that is to become more diverse and practically applicable in “Life based”, situations. The School actively promotes fundamental British values.

Queensgate College will develop skills for learning, employment and life through a flexible, activity based curriculum that enhances the young person’s self esteem, inspires them to achieve and rewards their efforts with meaningful awards and accreditation routes

The aim is to meet National Standards relating to all groups of students that are currently in mainstream education, albeit using a curriculum model that suits the context of the school and the interests, skills and abilities of the learners and the Staff who deliver the curriculum.

Entry to Queensgate College

There are 3 pathways in which you can gain entry to Queensgate College

It is based around three pathways and routes, allowing students to access a curriculum that suits their learning needs and aspirations.

Students are required to complete initial assessment in each of the core subjects. The assessment results will determine which education pathway your child is placed within.

We must stress that the pathways are designed to allow students to move between them when their learning needs require.

GCSE Pathway

GCSE & BTEC Pathway

BTEC Pathway

English English Literacy
Maths Maths Numeracy
Level 1 PSE Level 1 PSE PSE
Biology   ELC Science
MFL (Option) BTEC Home Cooking Skills BTEC Vocational Studies

Support for the Curriculum

Our students are supported and extended through the curriculum by a range of measures such as:

  • One-to-one tuition in literacy and numeracy support/intervention.

  • Subject intervention classes

  • Revision classes

  • Mentor conversation

  • Parent/Carer and student review

  • Reward systems

  • Work placement opportunities (where appropriate)