About Us

 Queensgate College is a high quality alternative to mainstream education.

We provide a personalised service with particular focus on life skills and personal development. We aim to deliver this service in an innovative and diverse which will inspire your child to fulfil their full potential. We recognise the value of student’s past education history, culture and experiences to embed them into our teaching. Our strategies ensure students are supported in every aspect of their education.

With established links within the community, we act as advocate for our young people and their families to support them in areas such as education, welfare, and counselling. As we live in a constantly changing multi-cultural world, we endeavour to provide our students with the skills that are essential for success in the twenty –first century. A good home-school partnership will ensure that your child has the best possible conditions for success.

Quality Learning

We are a relatively small college (around 50 pupils), with a nurturing and personal atmosphere that strives to recognise the strengths of the individual. We offer a high level of support through a robust pastoral programme and our full-time education and personal development mentor.

Offering GCSEs as well as vocational pathways for Key Stage 4 pupils, we excel in working with small groups of students with whom we share a desire for educational success. We pride ourselves on being able to offer programmes that will meet the personal interests and needs of every pupil that comes to our college.

As well as out full-time Key Stage 4 programmes, we also provide a 6 week Key Stage 3 Behaviour Support programme. This programme is for pupils needing a short break from their mainstream programme in order to develop the skills required to enable them to return to school and be successful.